The Point Pleasant Beach “Adopt a Business” Program

Adopt a Business Point Pleasant Beach is a new, local initiative in which residents help Point Pleasant Beach businesses through the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions.

We want to get back to being a thriving town!

Participating businesses and restaurants have set up a GoFundMe page that can be accessed below. Each business or restaurant will set a GoFundMe Goal. Please see each individual business’ page to see how the funds would be used.

Make a Donation to Your Favorite Local Spot

To make a donation to your favorite local business, click the “DONATE” buton underneath its name or logo. Give a small amount weekly or a larger one-time sum. Our goal is to help local businesses raise rent to cover the next 5 months. Every donation helps to insure your favorite businesses survive the coming winter months.

The Point Pleasant Beach “Adopt a Business” Program

How to Become a Participanting Business

To participate in the “Adopt a Business” Point Pleasant Beach program, please download our guide below. When completed, email your business name, your contact name, cell phone number and GoFundMe link to Carol Vaccaro at

How You Can Help, as a Member of Our Team

As a Team Member, you can easily post the GoFundMe campaign to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, stay in touch with the Organizer and other team members, and invite your family and friends to donate to the businesses you have adopted directly to the site.

This is the BEST way to adopt a business!

To do this, contact the Organizer (typically, the Owner of the business or restaurant) either through the GoFundMe site (click on the “Contact” button next to the listed “Organizer”) or talk to the Owner directly. With your email address, the Organizer will add you as a Team Member.

If you are the first Team Member, you may want to help the Owner/Organizer set up their GoFundMe site. Make sure they have a good picture! Make sure that the description of the business and need is punchy. Sign your name to the description to show the town that you care about that business.

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