Kickball Tournament Rules

Team Size

  • 12 people per team (10 + 2 subs)
  • 4 in outfield, 4 in the infield, 1 pitcher, 1 catcher
  • Coed roster is encouraged


  • All team members kick
  • Entire roster must stay in same kicking order
  • 3 strikes and you’re out
  • No bunting
  • Missed kick is a strike
  • Foul ball is a strike. Definition of foul ball:
    • kicked ball landing in foul territory
    • kicked ball touched in foul territory
    • kicked ball landing in fair territory but touching foul territory on its own at any time before reaching first or third base
    • You can get out on a foul ball…. 3 foul balls and you’re out
  • Batter can take balls/no walks allowed
  • Any attempt at a kick is a kick

Game Length

  • 5 innings or 30 minutes (whatever comes first)
  • Unlimited extra innings (no ties)
  • No new innings started with 5 minutes left
  • 6 run inning rule – If 6 runs are scored in an inning, inning is over
  • 10 run mercy rule – if a team is winning by 10 or more after the end of an inning, the game is over

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Pitches must be rolling, not bouncing
  • No stealing or leading off until ball is kicked
  • A runner cannot force the ball to hit their head
  • NO COMPLAINING. There is only one referee per game – please respect calls of official -all calls are final


  • If the ball is caught in the air without touching the ground first, then the batter is out (a fly out)
  • A defensive player with the ball touches the base ahead of a runner who is forced to go to that base, because of an advancing runner behind him (a force out)
  • A defensive player touches the runner directly with the ball while holding it (a tag out)
  • A defensive player may throw the ball and hit the runner on the fly with it
  • No headshots – headshots will not count as an out
  • If a throw goes out of bounds, each base runner moves up one base from where they were before the error