Pine  Coast  Culture  Co.  was  founded  by  Connie  and  Chris  –  a  mother/son  team  with  a  simple, shared mission:  to offer everyday people accessible, local, and consciously created products that make them feel better on the inside and out.

Since 2016, we’ve been pursuing this mission by sharing our small-batch kombucha with our customers. With our a relentless dedication to using locally sourced, whole, raw ingredients (never added flavorings or extracts) and top-quality reusable containers, we’re committed to improving the health of our customers, the community, and the environment.

In 2020, we expanded our business into a brewery cafe in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ where we serve our kombucha on tap, a full specialty coffee menu, and a health-conscious

Welcome to Good Food and Great Company



Whether you’re in the mood for a steak seared to perfection, a lobster roll made from the freshest ingredients or a traditional Portuguese dish for a serious blast of flavor, you can find it at Point Lobster Bar & Grill. In February 2020, we merged with local favorite Europa South to bring you the best of a seafood restaurant with a Portuguese twist.

Visit us today to start enjoying your new favorite seafood restaurant in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.


Here at Mueller’s Bakery you will find fresh, hand-made baked goods.  We are a full line retail bakery selling everything from pastries and cakes, to breads and bagels;  from doughnuts and coffee, to cookies and danish; and who can pass up our “famous” crumb cake?  We strive not only to create a superior product using the best ingredients, but an all around experience when you stop at Mueller’s Bakery and we hope you find your taste buds tingling as your eyes glaze over your diverse choices to satisfy any craving.

Going to Mueller’s Bakery on a summer morning has been a tradition for generations of residents and visitors to the charming, resort town of Bay Head at the Jersey Shore. Bay Head’s pedestrian-friendly streets make it a favorite for day trippers as well – all year long.  Locals and vacationers alike can vouch for the long-standing traditions of waiting for their Sunday crumb cake, or placing their holiday order to ensure they get their favorite holiday baked goods, year after year.

Since 1890 Mueller’s has evolved as far as modern baking is concerned, while holding tight to the old-fashioned appeal of yesteryear where service, quality, product and atmosphere exist in a storybook-setting town. The signature product of Mueller’s has to be the crumb cake. The original formula is still used and hoards of people come from near and far to get Mueller’s crumb. It is shipped all over the world for those who have to have it and can’t find anything comparable locally.  Shipping can be arranged in-store, over-the-phone, or online.

Mueller’s Bakery “Where Quality Makes the Difference!”





Windward Tavern is pleased to provide a family friendly environment, where our guest can relax, socialize, and enjoy great food with neighbors and friends (old and new) enjoy a meal in our dinning room next to the fireplace or in our classic wood paneled bar

Our Story


Established in 2012, Windward Tavern is a Fun Neighborhood Tavern. Formally known as Craig’s this Princeton Avenue jewel is restored to accommodate everyone. Families, business professionals, singles, sports fans you name it you’ll find it at the Windward. With classic American fare. 14 Beers on tap a great wine list and daily lunch and dinner specials. You will find fresh great food, great service and a great time at a great price.


 Offshore BBQ provides a great taste to fulfill your quest for land loving eats. We created a selection of rubs and sauces that compliment food ensuring a tasty BBQ experience.

Offshore BBQ is a culmination of years of crafting tasty rubs and sauces with the goal of delivering a satisfying BBQ experience.  Respecting the art of BBQ, owners Rich and Jess use the freshest ingredients for prepping their sauces and rubs while using natural wood  for cooking their high quality meats, to ensure a healthy yet tasty BBQ experience.

We welcome you to enjoy Offshore BBQ!

Rich Cline

Ultimate Pitmaster

Skilled Jeep Waver

Flip Flop Connoisseur

Jess Cline

Talented Sunbather

Koozie Enthusiast

Chips & Dip Guru


Seasoned Food Tester

Expert Ball Snatcher

Accomplished Barker


How we started…

After spending the better part of a decade in the Great Lone Star State of Texas and learning the art of traditional smoked food, Douglas Walsh brought his love of BBQ and his passion for creating a unique taste back home to the Jersey Shore. As hosts to countless summer cookouts and after numerous requests from friends and family to cook for their special events, the Jersey Shore BBQ and Catering Company was created; the genesis of Jersey Shore BBQ Restaurants.

Smoked meats are a new concept to the Jersey Shore and we pride ourselves on the distinctive process for which all great BBQ is cooked – time and patience.  We start by lovingly hand seasoning all of our meats with a custom blend of spices, known as ‘dry rub’.  Then, we light the pit with local hardwoods and place the seasoned meats in the smoker so that they can baste in the smokey wood fire for hours.  This creates the distinctive smoke ring on the meat served in our dining room and the unique taste symbolic of Jersey Shore BBQ.

Most restaurants have the ability to fire meals and push them out the kitchen door in 10 minutes or less—whereas our process can take between 12 to 15 hours—for our succulent meat to reach your plate.  So please don’t be upset if an item on our menu runs out.  We don’t have the ability to flash create our ‘que’, nor will we.  In return, we promise you a consistent savory, slow cooked, artisanal experience every time you dine at Jersey Shore BBQ Belmar and JSBBQ East Brunswick.

Thanks for coming in and cheers!
See you tomorrow,

Douglas Walsh -Owner and Founder (Belmar and East Brunswick)

Dana Walsh- Owner

Denis Barnao- Owner- East Brunswick



The Coal House of Point Pleasant Beach is located about 1 mile away from the beach and Point Pleasant’s famous boardwalk! We are a family friendly restaurant that accommodates small groups to large events with our shareable sizes. Our Authentic Coal Fired Pizza is made fresh to order with 100% house made ingredients. From our dough, to our robust tomato sauce, to our very own house made creamy mozzarella cheese, our hand crafted pizzas are simply authentic! We are passionate about creativity and give YOU the power to customize your very own dream pizza with our wide variety of toppings. Cooked in our 100% Coal Fired oven, we can assure you our pizza is unlike any other!


Garlic Knots

6 per order, with a side of marinara sauce!

Meatball/ Sausage Appetizer

Two meatballs or sweet Italian sausage in marinara sauce. With ricotta $1


Fresh sliced mozzarella, roasted red peppers, genoa salami, sopressata, marinated artichokes, stuffed peppers and provolone cheese over a bed of romaine tossed in our signature house dressing.

Roasted Vegetables

Zucchini, eggplant, onions, roasted red peppers, over a bed of arugula -OR- romaine (your choice) in a balsamic vinaigrette. Fresh Sliced Mozzarella Cheese $1.


Diced tomatoes, red onions, and garlic in an Italian vinaigrette dressing on crostini.

The Coal House Wings

Authentic Coal Fired wings (10 per order). Lemon-Garlic, Buffalo, or Salt Pepper & Olive Oil


The Coal House of Point Pleasant Beach accepts reservations for parties as large as 50 people! We host parties for any occasion such as: rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, baby showers, baptisms, birthdays.. you name it! We are also a ‘Bring Your Own’ restaurant so we allow you to bring your own: wine, beer, cakes, and desserts! We encourage decorations and our staff will be glad to assist you in decorating, or we can even do it for you!

Breakfast and Lunch

Our Story

About the Winery

Welcome to Laurita Winery! The name “Laurita” derives from the first names of owners Randy Johnson’s and Ray Shea’s mothers, Laura and Rita, to whom the winery is dedicated.

Our Philosophy: Local, Authentic, Sustainable

Laurita Winery is a sustainable alternative, linked to the local area through tradition, culture and respect for its natural resources. Our estate grown wines are nature’s purest expression of vineyard, varietal and vintage, reflecting old world traditions and the vision of wine’s place at the table as a complement to food. To sip our wines, which make the case for elegance and finesse over size and power, is to savor the freshness of taste of grapes at their source.