ANTHONY GUERINO - SPECIALTY PASTRY CHEF As a decorated pastry chef and New Jersey native, Anthony Guerino graduated from Atlantic Cape Academy in 2010, but has had a love for baking since he was 16.  Eight some odd years later, with a degree in baking, pastry and hot food, he specializes in all things sweet.  Featured in Industry and Times Magazine, his love for baking and cake decorating has only refined his skills over time.  From the smallest cupcake to the most extravagant wedding cake this family oriented baker aims to please all who try his sweet creations. Anthony's main goal is peoples happiness when it comes to his desserts!  Showing no sign of stopping, he continues to set the bar high and continually produce fresh, high quality baked goods.
DESI MEDINA - CULINARY SPECIALIST Desi Medina has been in the restaurant industry for over 30 plus years. Starting at the age of 13, he worked his way up the culinary totem pole. Desi originally started his career with French Cuisine on the New Jersey Shore and then picked up and moved to Arizona. There, he worked in a variety of environments from upscale caterers to small businesses. Ironically, none of them included French cuisine. Through apprenticeships and self teaching Desi has been taught by the very best. His skills show quality of a true culinary master. Desi's is a lover of all foods. But, no matter what he does, he always puts forward a good product. So for now, his main focus is all things sugar related and some others in between.