Ocean County Vocational Technical School

Ocean County Vocational Technical School
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The mission of the Ocean County Vocational Technical School system is to prepare students for job placement or further education leading to successful employment.

We develop partnerships with affiliated schools, parents, business, industry and community agencies to create and deliver opportunities for students to participate in quality occupational programs and support services. These programs and services are designed to meet the needs of high school students and adult learners, as well as the requirements of employers, colleges, technical schools and the community. All students will achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels. Our most important products are our quality graduates and our most important service is to provide them with skills for a lifetime. We measure our success by:
  • Enrollment in our programs
  • Student attainment of marketable occupational skills
  • Graduates capable and desirous of life-long learning
  • Employer and graduate satisfaction
  • Cost effectiveness of our total system
  • Achievement of our graduates
  • Organizational and individual recognition and awards received
Who Should Attend OCVTS? The Ocean County Vocational Technical School offers career majors in several areas for students going on to college or directly to the world of work. OCVTS works hand-in-hand with sending schools to provide a complete education for high school students. Students may attend during their junior and senior year, as well as post graduate. The students attend “home school” for half a day and are transported to the vocational center for the other half. Ties are maintained with the home school where they pursue academic classes, take part in sports or other extracurricular activities, and graduate. Guidance and career counseling services are jointly provided by the vocational school and the home school. Students receive a certificate from OCVTS, as well as a high school diploma from the home school.
350 Chambersbridge Road, Brick Township, NJ, USA
350 Chambersbridge Road, Brick Township, NJ, USA
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